About Hildenbrand Estate

Hildenbrand Farm History

Reni Hildenbrand bought Klein Rhebokskloof which was in much need of repair, she worked hard, got creative, restored the farm and followed her dream of becoming a winemaker.

It is all about quality at Hildenbrand, Reni believes that wine is not just about its taste but where it comes from, thus ensuring that the entire process is handled with care.

When buying the farm, olive trees were already planted on it. Not being a person to let opportunities go by Reni decided to put the olives to good use. After spending some time in Tuscany, she tried her hand at making extra virgin olive oil.


Today, Hildenbrand extra virgin olive oil are sought after by oil connoisseurs across the country. Reni is certified extra virgin olive oil taster. Her first book “Olives and Oils in South Africa” was launched in October 2003.

Reni has a passion for the environment and rescues animals. All of the animals on the farm, ducks, geese, horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits, cats, dogs and a pot belly pig are rescued animals and some came from extremely dire circumstances.

We are part of the Wellington Wine Walk where local guides, fully accredited and well versed in the history and culture of the area, accompanies hikers through indigenous fynbos, vineyards, fruit orchards and olive groves.

They stopover for wine and olive tasting and included is always a delectable light lunch. Meet Reni and learn more about her award-winning wines, her interesting stories and experiences in the industry.

For further info contact info@winewalk.co.za

“I want my wines to be individual, to taste of where they come from… I will not interfere with nature but let the environment develop my unique style. There is nothing typical about my wines… they are unique and individual, as we all are”

Reni Hildenbrand

When visiting the SPCA a horse was looking at her with an expression of “why don’t you try me?” and so “Try Me” ended up at Rhebokskloof. One of the donkeys, Lady Jemima, was found lying in a field at Klapmuts tied down with wires. She also found a loving home on the farm.